You should make margarine bread, it is the best bread ever.  yum….. Make sure to leave a review!

List of TEN (plus one) reasons to make margarine bread:

  1. It’s amaing
  2. you can make it at home (in Kalamaoo)
  3. you only have to go to the dollar store once
  4. the margarine only costs one dollar
  5. the margarine and tonic water will GLOW IN THE DARK
  6. It kind of feels like playdough
  7. IT is important
  8. you can learn who your true allies are by offering them the bread
  9. It doesn’t taste terrible
  10. There will be improvements made to the recipe soon..
  11. It is GREAT with egg jelly

Please make the margarine bread. You won’t regret it. We promise.

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