List of FIFTEEN (aka how many pairs of legs a house centipede has) facts about house centipedes!

  1. They can move at 1.3 feet PER SECOND.
  2. They can live for up to SEVEN years.
  3. If you’re wearing a dress one might speedily RUN TOWARDS YOU to hide under it.
  4. They like DAMP places, so if there’s a ton in your house you should make your house less damp.
  5. YOU SHOULD NOT KILL THEM because they eat harmful bugs like termites.
  6. They ARE NOT very HARMFULL to humans (unless you’re Telise), they can bite you but are unlikely to unless you’re touching them.
  7. They can grow up to SIX inches long.
  8. Female house centipedes can make ONE HUNDRED FIFTY BABY HOUSE CENTIPEDES.
  9. They hunt at NIGHT.
  10. Some people keep them as PETS.
  11. Unlike other types of centipedes, house centipedes have GOOD EYESIGHT.
  12. They are VENOMOUS.
  13. They are YELLOWISH- BROWN.
  14. Their scientific name is Scutigera Coleoptrata.
  15. They can RUN UP WALLS and along ceilings.

Here are some more pictures of house centipedes for you to look at.


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