Would You Turn a Living Cat Into a Telephone!? Well Some Guys at Princeton Did in 1929!

grey and white short fur cat
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So one day in 1929 two guys at Princeton, Ernest Wever and Charles Bray, were like “Let’s turn a cat into telephone!” and then they turned a cat into a telephone. They removed the cat’s skull and most of it’s brain to connect an electrode to the cat’s right auditory nerve. Then they connected another electrode to the cat’s body. One of them talked into the cat’s ear and the other listened at a receiver. Apparently it worked and the guy listening to the receiver could hear what the guy talking into the cat’s ear said.

Speech was transmitted with great fidelity. Simple commands, counting and the like were easily received. Indeed, under good condition the system was employed as a means of communication between operating and sound-proof rooms. (Wever and Bray 345).

Then they were like hmm why is that happening and they couldn’t quite figure it out but then they were like eh let’s just kill the cat because yeah that will make things scientific. So they killed the cat and they couldn’t hear what they said in the cat’s ear anymore and they were like yeah that means our cat phone worked.

[A]fter the death of the animal the response first diminished in intensity, and then ceased (Wever and Bray 346).

There is like some actual science behind this and you can read about it here. But it’s too hard to explain. Apparently this helped hearing aid research so thats good but a cat had to die so thats not ok. I think this experiment leaves us with more questions about the cat than it does answers to anything. Here’s a list of questions I have about the cat.

  1. Where did they get the cat from
  2. Why did the kill the cat
  3. How did they kill the cat
  4. Was it really necessary to kill the cat
  5. Why did they cut the cat’s brain out
  6. Why did they cut the cat’s skull out
  8. Did the cat have a family
  9. Did the cat deserve to die
  10. How old was the cat
  11. Did they give the cat a proper viking funeral
  12. Really though what happened to the cat once it was dead

Leave your respects for the poor dead cat in the comments. Please. This cat deserved better.

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