Review of Wikihow’s article: “How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Buy a Nice Diary”

Link to wikihow article

This is an article giving you advice about convincing your parents to let you use your own money to buy “a nice diary.”


Think about the likely reasons your parents may say “No.” Before going into the conversation, think about the potential reasons you may get “no” as an answer. Think about how you could combat those reasons. Try to find a way to truly make your parents see the dairy is important to you.[2]

  • Your parents may worry about money. They may not want you to spend a lot of money on something they worry you won’t take care of or use. Try to think of what you could say to this. For example, “I know it’s a lot of money, but I earned it with my paper route and I promise I’ll take good care of the diary.”
  • Your parents may have other concerns. They may, for example, worry about you writing negative things in the diary, or using it to keep secrets from them. You could say something like, “I want to be able to vent somewhere on occasion, but I promise I’ll share anything important in my life with you guys.”

First of all, you don’t need to tell your parents why dairy is important to you, they obviously know that without dairy there wouldn’t be cheese, and cheese is awesome.

For the money thing, it implies that you are using your own money to buy the diary and if your parents are ok with you having “a nice diary” they should let you spend your money on it and possibly regret it later.

This second part about not wanting you to have a diary makes no sense, because the article is titled “How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Buy a Nice Diary” which implies that they are fine with you having a diary, just not a nice one, and the only understandable reason for that would be money.


Accept a “No” for now, if necessary. Even if you try your best to ask maturely, your parents may still stay “No.” If this is the case, accept the answer. Your parents are more likely to change their minds in the future if they see you’re able to maturely accept their rules. Say something like, “Thanks for listening anyway,” and then end the conversation.[13]

  • You can revisit the issue in a few months. Your parents may change their minds, especially if you show you can maturely handle them saying “No.”

YOU ARE RIGHT. IT’S YOUR MONEY THAT YOU HAVE EARNED. DON’T ACCEPT NO AS AN ANSWER. At this point, you’ve been asking your parents about getting a diary for a few days. You’ve apparently put a lot of thought into this and have multiple serious conversations with your parents. Do you really want to give up that easily? Tell them you are going to spend your own money to take a bus, or walk, or bike to the store and then buy the diary with your own money and come back home.

A problem I have with this article is that all the people in the pictures look like they’re at least 15, but by the time you’re 15 you probably don’t want a nice diary that badly and your parents probably won’t be so concerned about you spending $30. 

(Go look at the pictures in the article, I was going to put screenshots here but wordpress isn’t letting me)



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