Wow! Did you know that today was the day Amelia Earhart disappeared? Even today, 78 years later, it remains a mystery as to how she disappeared. We know that Amelia and her navigator vanished on July 2nd, 1939 somewhere over the pacific ocean, but we really don’t know what exactly happened to them. The government says that she crashed in the pacific, but we all know we can’t trust the government. Anything could’ve happened to her. Here are some really weird theories about her disappearance.

  1. She was eaten by coconut crabs.

So apparently there are these really large crabs that live on some specific atoll in Hawaii that she could’ve crashed near. Once she crashed in the ocean she could’ve swam to the island and died of starvation or something like that and been eaten by the coconut crabs. I mean this theory is pretty biarre because there are a lot of factors that would have to go into making this happen. Also somebody would’ve probably showed up at the island before she got to the point of starvation. This is a very dumb theory.

2. She assumed a fake identity in New Jersey.

Some people think that Amelia was captured by the Japanese, then rescued by a catholic priest and returned to the US. For some reason, they said Amelia’s new identity was this lady named Irene Bolam. That lady got pretty angry about them saying this about her and filed a 1.5 million dollar lawsuit against them. I don’t know about you, but this one seems pretty implausible to me. Also what happened to her navigator? They just left him in prison to die? This is a bad theory that is pretty impossible.

3. Her navigator was drunk.

That’s pretty much the whole theory, that he was drunk and then the plane crashed. I guess her navigator was an alcoholic? Besides that, this one seems more likely than the rest.

4. She was abducted by people who live in the hollow earth,

So some people who live inside the earth called the agarthians kinda teleported her inside the earth just as she was about to crash. And uh she’s apparently still young because mortality just doesn’t apply in the center of the earth. Cool.

5. She was abducted by aliens.

Of course. We must have this theory. And of course there are several theories off this one but I’m just going to talk about one. So according to this one site, Amelia was abducted and taken to another planet where she was put into suspended animation, and oh yeah, there’s a civilization of humans descendent from Amelia. AWESOME!


Wow, one of those things happened today 78 years ago. !WOW!

What do YOU think happened to Amelia Earhart?



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