Rating Cult Websites (and some background about the cults)

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Heaven’s Gate believes that another, higher, life form will come to earth and take them away to become higher life forms themselves. Their leader was Do, and from what I can see he still might be but there’s also Hale-Bopp who might be taking the position. From what I can see this cult is pretty dead.

Their website is incredibly 90’s but I kind of like it. It adds charm to it and it’s also a little mysterious. Like are they still active? Everything on the website is dated 1997. So. Yeah. I’m also concerned about the red alert at the top, what does it mean? I definitely don’t think the content is great. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Also they have a book and it costs 45 dollars. That is way too much.

I give this website a 7/10. Design’s iffy but fitting, but content is a minus.


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Now this one is weird. They are a cult, or at least were, but they really really try to gloss over the fact. When they started in 1978, they did promote christian values, but they also seriously promoted both incest and sex among children. This made a breeding ground for pedophiles and incest among family members and children. There was even a huge herpes outbreak. They continue to, controversially, practice polyamory to this day.

Their website is ok. It looks strangely like those landing pages for when domain names expire. It’s very gray. The font also looks way too much like times new roman to be ok. It just looks pretty boring. Accessibility is ok. There’s not much to say about this website. It’s just really boring

6/10. Really boring.


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This cult is weird. They appear to kind of be like the amish. But with more racism and allegations of child abuse. The leader has said that homosexuals should be executed. They beat children consistently and I really don’t know how this cult continues to be legally allowed to exist with how terrible it is.

Their website is nice. It actually looks decent. Their logo isn’t bad. The buttons in the header could use a revamp but besides that it’s nice. I really don’t understand exactly what they’re about though. There’s no about page or mission so that’s bad.

8/10 looks nice but not informative.


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This cult believes that a race of aliens called the elohim created humans and then left us and that we need to prepare for their return. They also really like human cloning and are currently advocating to put in an elohim embassy. Fun.

This website is ugly. There’s way too much brown. The weird distressed pattern and the font just make it kinda blah. It’s also really overpowering and complicated. I would simplify this quite a lot. Their message is easy to find which is pretty nice. Things are more accessible than some of the other websites I’ve seen.

7/10 it’s decent


Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 1.30.51 PM

This one is kind of a cult and kind of a religion. El Cantare is their deity. They’ve done some controversial things such as release a video that claims North Korea is going to invade Japan after nuclear warfare. They have their own political party for some reason. Master Okawa is their leader. They kind of believe in aliens and just… they’re weird.

The website is ok. It’s a lot like the family international website. It’s boring. It’s yellow. The fonts are terrible. The kerning is terrible. It’s also pretty hard to tell what they are about. I had to look at some other websites to figure it out. They have a live chat which is cool.

5/10. Not functional and bad design.


There seems to be a strange theme of not giving good information about what the cult is. It would be better if more cults gave informative information about what they stand for. I’m sure they would recruit a lot more people. If you want another edition of this let me know.


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