Some Really Awesome Things To Do

Wow! It’s summer and if you’re not one of those LOSERS who has a JOB you have a lot of time to do stuff. Here are eight fun things to do this summer!

  1. Throw plates out of the window of your car while blasting your favorite song. This works the best if you throw them at people (that you hate).
  2. Throw tomatoes at someone who does something wrong on stage! But, don’t you think it’s such a waste to throw a whole tomato, what if you miss? Slice the tomatoes so you have more shots! Throwing tomatoes at people is always fun to do and especially fun if you can hit them more times!
  3. Pick out a recipe for something. Then, ride your bike (YOU HAVE TO RIDE YOUR BIKE) to the local dollar store (not anything above ONE DOLLAR (those DOn’t count))and buy all the ingredients there, and if they don’t have them just don’t use that ingredient. It doesn’t matter if it’s something really important like flour. It will turn out fine, trust me.
  4. Get a bunch of soap and just cut it up. Don’t do anything else. Just cut it. How you cut it depends on what you want out of your soap cutting experience.
  5. Getting rich is the ultimate fun thing to do, right? Wanna know the secret to getting rich quick? Rob a bank. It’ll occupy quite a bit of your time planning out your elaborate robbery and you’ll have even more fun robbing the bank. Then when you’re done you’ll have a bunch of money. Awesome!
  6. You know what’s even more fun than tipping cows? Dumping a bucket of ash on them! Your local farmer is going to be so confused when all their cows have ash on them. Maybe he’ll even go to the local papers and tell them about his peculiar situation. Imagine that!
  7. Ever seen a gallon milk jug and just thought “man that thing is really ugly”? Well I’m pretty sure the majority of the population has. I for one, think milk jugs are a plight to our society. So why not make that milk jug look nice and decorate it. Draw a face on it and give it a cute little bow. Make it so pretty that no man could resist it’s temptations…
  8. You know that crazy invention you’ve been working on? Or that one that’s been collecting dust in your drawer for years? Maybe now’s the time to truly patent it! You never know if you’ll be the next Elon Musk! Get up and do it! Right now!!!

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