Emus are large birds that are pretty dorky. In 1932 emus decided that they would go and wreck some farmers crops in Australia. I mean I guess the people kind of put things where their breeding grounds were, but still, not cool emus. Australia though, wasn’t going to just let the emus do their thing and like wreck their whole economy and progress. At first the settlers decided to take into their own hands and shot 3,000 emus themselves. Eventually they contacted the minister of defense. They decided they would go and shoot the emus with machine guns they got from world war one. They enlisted like actual military to shoot emus. Sounds like a solid plan.

So they started the war. They thought that they were going to win because emus are just dorky birds but yeah that’s not exactly how it went. The emus decided to hide behind trees and in bushes and they actually figured out that if you stood far enough away the soldiers couldn’t get a clear shot. The soldiers tried to ambush them which didn’t work. Also shooting them didn’t really kill them. They seemed to survive for quite a while after being shot and it’s said that less than 10 bullets wouldn’t kill them. So they fired A LOT of bullets only killing around 900-1,000 emus. They had a 1:10 shot ratio, which is really, really bad.

The soldiers were called back in defeat and eventually the emus left because they ran out of crops to eat. Emus won a war against the Australian military and destroyed a bunch of farmers crops in the process. Wow.


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