Critiquing Wikihow Drawings: Man Holding Shiba Inus



This picture was made by an unknown artist for wikihow at an unknown date. The picture appears to show a man holding two puppies which are shiba inus according to the article it came from. There is another man standing with his back to the viewer. The background is a monochrome light blue.



There appears to be a simple overhead light source. The drawing appears to be rather two dimensional. The artist has chosen to leave little white space in the area between and around the two men. The artist uses a rather simplistic color palette of brown, tan, red, blue, and light blue. Brush strokes are similar in size besides the light digital airbrushing. There’s a contrast between the man’s red shirt and the rest of the piece. The shapes are very rotund. Movement is created in the way the man holds the puppies, creating a swish of motion to the left and right.



There’s a sense of confusion throughout this whole piece. The colors around the man and the mans red shirt seem to suggest that the man might be feeling anger or other negative emotions. We’re left with a sense of mystery from the man with his back facing the viewer.



I do not believe this image successfully uses the elements. The purpose of the image is to simply depict shiba inus, which to me look nothing like shiba inus. The anatomy is simply off, the left arm seems to be coming from nowhere.

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