20 Really Great Blog Post Ideas

Wow I can’t think of anything to post so I’m just going to post some blog post ideas.

  1. Post that you’re going to do “something secret” on a random date and then don’t do anything because you’re lazy.
  2. If you’re a student post all the answers to that test you just took! I’m sure everyone will appreciate that!
  3. Do a bedroom tour! But be creative, make a poll for your readers to vote on what part of your bedroom they hate the most! Gotta get that negativity.
  4. Make a tutorial on how to make toast.
  5. Write a joke but make it really really bad. You can’t write a good joke so why try to?
  6. Make a contest where the prize is one penny.
  7. Just start an argument with someone! That’s always fun.
  8. Post pictures from when you travel but only pictures of the ground.
  9. Make up a bunch of stories about yourself but say they’re true.
  10. Invite someone to guest post but like make them write about throwing peanuts in a graveyard. Trust me. It’ll be great and nobodies going to think you’re weird.
  11. Disprove the myth that therapy actually works! Or some other absurd myth. Whatever floats your boat.
  12. Pick a date in history and talk about all the bank robberies there were on that day.
  13. Write a play about your life and publish it.
  14. Ask for tips on how to eavesdrop. I don’t think you can ever get enough.
  16. Rant about how you hate bit coin. I know you do. It’s time let that rage out.
  17. Learn how to run a lighthouse and then tell us how to do it. Tell me how to do it. I really want to know how to run a lighthouse. Please.
  18. Find another persons blogpost and just tell us how much you hate it.
  19. Tell us your secrets about bulletin board manufacturing.
  20. Create a list of your favorite places to throw leaves at.

3 thoughts on “20 Really Great Blog Post Ideas

  1. Number nine is my favorite, but I usually make up stories about other people. Maybe you and I can invent a reason for our blogs to wage war, just for the posts, of course.


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