Phil Spector!

IMG_20170121_111903_032 This is Phil!

He has AMAZING (poofily) hair! Or at least he did when that picture was taken. Over the years Phil has struggled A LOT with his hair. Here are a few other pictures of Phil when he had sad, sad hair.



Phil used to be a music producer for The Ronnets and THE BEATLES (and some other groups). WOWIE.

He also invented the WALL OF SOUND, which is a “music production formula”, but it’s complicated so if you want to you can read this WIKIPEDIA article about it! LINK!

While he was doing all of his musicy he threatened to kill a few people, held a few people at gunpoint, and trapped his wife in a box.


In 2009 Phil was WRONGLY ACCUSED for the murder of actress, Lana Clarkson.

Lana was shot with a gun and was found dead in Phil’s mansion in 2003.

Phil claimed that Lana kissed the gun and accidentally committed suicide.

Apparently the judge and jury peoples didn’t believe that, so he was sentenced to 19 years in jail.


In jail Phil does not wear his wig.

Yes, that amazing hair from before was a WIG, I know, it’s SHOCKING.

Phil with no wig is very scary.

Here are his mug shots.




For some more in depth and more interesting theories and stories about Phil and other related things, you should look through this website. LINK!


Comment whether you thing Phil is innocent or guilty!












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