how to preserve pig intestines in SEVEN easy steps

Do you ever think hm maybe today I should preserve some pig intestines but then you realie you don’t know how? Well today I’ll tell you how.



Step ONE: Get some intestines.

You can’t find these at a regular grocery store so you’ll probably have to call a slaughterhouse. Also order the SMALL INTESTINE because the small intestine is really big and the large intestine is even bigger. Trust me in me saying that you’ll have enough intestine. Pigs are bigger than you think they are.

Step TWO: Find a jar and some rubbing alcohol.

Find the jar you’d like to preserve your intestines in. It can be any sie you want it to be as long as you have enough alcohol to fill it. Also make sure the percentage on your rubbing alcohol isn’t above 80% (I think, don’t trust me on this) or else the intestines will get all wrinkly.

Step THREE: Protect your area!

Put some plastic drop clothes down and get some buckets, one for dumping the intestines in and another for rinsing your smaller portion of intestine you’ll be preserving in. Put on some sturdy gloves and have a sink ready.

STep Four: Cut the intestine to your desired length.

It’s good to have a little bit of room in the jar, don’t shove it too tight or make it too long.



Step FIVE: Squeeze the partially digested food out of the intestine.

This is the worst step but you’ve gotta do it. squeeze the intestine from the top to the bottom, rinsing intestine and changing water in between squeeing it. Once all the stuff is squeezed out just give it a good few rinses to make sure everything is out.



Step SIX: Put intestine in jar and bleach supplies

Wash jar before you put intestine in it, place intestine in the jar and then pour rubbing alcohol on it. Secure lid. Then bleach all the supplies you used.

Step SEVEN: Change alcohol when needed

Sometimes the water will get cloudy and you’ll need to change the alcohol. To do this dump the intestines in a bucket and dump out the alcohol in a sink. Then put the intestines back in the jar and replace the alcohol. If you feel like the intestines should be rinsed then go ahead and rinse them. This possibly needs to be done up to three times.

Now you have your very own preserved intestines! Good job! I think this would work with any other animal’s intestines. Share your results with me if you make it!

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