Use a hanging shoe rack to hang cleaning supplies (and keep them away from kids)

The storing cleaning supplies part of this is good, but I don’t understand how this is going to keep them away from kids.



Heavy sleeper? Tired of snoozing past your alarm? Use the ‘smartphone in a cup’ trick to increase the volume.

Have you tried turning the volume on your phone all the way up?



Take pictures of friends holding items you’ve lent them with your iPhone, so you will remember down the road.

This one is pretty good because it’s annoying when people steal stuff from you, although if you don’t remember that it’s missing you probably don’t really want it back.




Rub stuck zipper teeth with a graphite pencil tip to fix them.

Why would this work?



Do something unusual while locking the door before a long trip etc to remember that you’ve definitely done it.




Take a picture of your fridge and you’ll never struggle to remember what to buy at the grocery!

You should just make a list before you go because not all food is stored in the fridge and you can’t see the stuff that isn’t there by just looking at your fridge.



Pineapple juice is five times more effective than cough syrup. It also prevents colds and the flu.

I highly doubt this.



Put a blue ink cartridge into a red pen, because no one ever steals a red pen.

Why does no one ever steal a red pen? Red pens are fun!



Drink a glass of water while drinking coffee

I don’t understand…



These are the places I got those awesome life hacks from!

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