I was going to review a wiki how article on how to murder someone but there isn’t one and it’s VERY sad.

The first step tells you to “decide if you really want to do this” which is probably a good idea. The next step tells you that “you cannot use email accounts, memberships, cell-phones, or any other personal details from your old life, after you have faked your own death.” which is also good advice. The next one basically tells you to be careful and not give your self away, which is a very smart thing to do. Step 4 tells you to “decide on a death method” they suggest a suicide where the body would be hard to find, or getting lost at sea. Both of those would work pretty well, but I think the lost at sea is better because it has transportation tied in with it, which is nice. The next step is to “do it” which is the best idea I’ve heard yet. Then it says you have to not contact anyone you know and lie low for a few weeks, which is good.  Then it says you have to make your alternate identity, and it gives you advice on how to do that, all of which was pretty good. One of the pieces of advice is to “embrace leather”, which is pretty great. Then you have to make a fake ID, which is a good idea. The last few steps are also good. That’s pretty impressive! I’ll give it a 9/10.

The q&a section this article is AMAZING and I would HIGHLY recommend looking at it.



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