The Downfall of our Blog

Wowie it has been two years since we wrote a post on this blog. That is a very long time. I’m sure you all (our 32 followers) have been dying to hear where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing so today we are going to tell you. If no one appreciates us though, we will be forced to not post for another two years. That will be very very bad for you. We will not be telling you why this is bad, that is something you must figure out yourself. 

First off, one of us moved away which is very sad. Now we are a five hour drive from each other which is too long. In fact it takes 5 hours and 55 mins to drive, 15 hours and 14 mins to take the train, 116 hours to walk, and 33 hours to bike. That is too much time to spend going anywhere. The only good thing is that where one of us moved to there are now a lot of house centipedes!! Just last night there was one on the wall of a bedroom in my house!! Hooray!!!!

We are now old people!! One of us is 16 and the other is 15 (will be 16 in a few months). WHy are we so old?? When we started this blog we were very small, but now we are large! Amazing! (Also my z key is no longer broken and I’ve had like 2 laptops since then. yay. Though this does make the original domain of the blog a lie so I guess we must simply go to hell now.) 

We have come to the conclusion that high school is very bad and very awful. High school does not need to exist and should simply go away and stop bothering us and everyone else. We hope that you agree with us and if you do not we unkindly” ask you to stop following us.  Speaking of which, why are you following us??? We are very perplexed by the fact that anyone likes us enough to follow this blog that we posted on for an entire three months one summer. We have not posted in two years yet have somehow gained followers in this time.  

Enough about us, the real reason you follow us is because of the wonderful Phil Spector, correct? Phil is sadly still in jail but last year he put his huge mansion up for sale (the same one where he allegedly murdered Lana Clarkson). Here is the zillow listing: You need his house! Please buy it!!! (And please contact us via our “contact form” if you do. And please invite us over since we were the ones who told you about it. If you buy the house and do not do this there will be consequences.)

Now that you’ve purchased his house, let’s discuss the fact that we have gotten 279 views in the past two years but we have not been asked any questions. We are extremely disappointed in all of you. We provide you with FREE content and all we ask of you is to ASK US QUESTIONS!!!!! The reason we stopped posting was probably because of the lack of questions. You made two 14 year olds VERY SAD. You should be ASHAMED.

We will never fully forgive you, but we will try to if you ask us questions now.

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