Review of WikiHow’s Article: “How to Sneak Around at Night (for Kids)”


This is the first step, it’s ok but not really necessary.   7/10



Why is black such a bad idea? Sure, dark blue or purple might be better, but if you don’t want to be seen black is a lot better than most colors.  But you might not want to wear dark colors because that will make you more suspicious looking.  5/10



This is another reason why you shouldn’t wear dark clothes, just wear whatever you normally sleep in so that your parents don’t get suspicious of why you’re wearing all dark purple. This is a good thing to do, though. 9/10



You would be able to hear if there was a river. 7/10



This one isn’t necessary. Although it might be a good idea, it doesn’t really matter if you get too cold. 4/10



Smart! 10/10



I guess your might bark at you, but your other pets don’t have to be asleep. 9/10



“you can’t be arrested for having a stick” is my new favorite quote, so this is a 10/10.



Smart idea. 9/10



This is an ok idea, I guess, but I think it would be a lot eaier and would probably make the same amount of noise to just go out a door. Also, even windows on the bottom floor are up like 4 feet in the air, and while you don’t need a latter for that, I would suggest jumping out instead of stepping out. 6/10



All good ideas, but it telling you to bring a flashlight contradicts the thing it said earlier about it being dark and so you should be careful to not fall into ditches and rivers. 8/10



This is definatly the weirdest and worst step. Why are your family members randomly coming into your room in the middle of the night? Thats a little weird. And putting a note that says you’re under the blankets is incredably stupid, what you could do is leave a note on your door hat says do not disturb.  The doll hair is also not a very good idea, most people won’t fall for that. The snoring is another very bad idea. 2/10



Good. 10/10



Good. 9/10


Link to article


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